Generator Use and Safety

Paralleled Generators FAQs

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using paralleled generators.

Q: What generators can be connected with a parallel kit?

A: Only like model Honda generators can be paralleled together. Here’s the list of generators than can be

connected in parallel:

• EU1000i - EU1000i

• EU2000i - EU2000i

• EU2000i - EU2000i 30A Companion

• EU2000i 30A Companion - EU2000i 30A Companion

• EU3000i Handi - EU3000i Handi

• EU3000iS - EU3000iS

Q: Do I have to run both generators all the time?

A: Not if you don’t need the combined power output.

Example: If you’re camping and have two EU2000i generators paralleled and you’re not using the A/C but

want to watch TV or turn on some lights, you can run one generator. However, we have found that running both generators with Eco-Throttle™ on can be quieter than running just one.

Q: If the generator that is not directly connected to an RV is running, will power still get to the RV?

A: Yes. For example, if the 30A Companion to the left is connected to an RV and only the regular EU2000i is running, power will flow through the parallel cables to the non-running 30A Companion generator and power the RV.

Q: Do all outlets have power when units are paralleled?

A: Yes, all outlets have power. In the case of an EU2000i and 30A Companion, maximum output can only be accessed through the 30A outlet.

Q: Is the generator connected to an RV the primary generator?

A: When Honda generators are paralleled, neither generator is primary or secondary. Paralleled Honda generators balance the load between the generators. The balanced load explains why running both generators with Eco-Throttle™ on can be quieter than running one.

Q: Do I have to connect the parallel cables a certain way, like car jumper cables?

A: No. Car batteries are 12 volt DC or Direct Current batteries, which means the current flows in one direction.

Honda generators produce AC or Alternating Current, which flows in both directions. Some parallel kits have a black cable and a red cable; in some kits, both cables are red. Honda generators that can be connected in parallel (EU inverter generators) are not neutral bonded, so reverse polarity is essentially not possible.